Annual Medical Exams to Get

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Annual Medical Exams to Get

General tests:

l Annual dental exam. l Hearing test. l Vision screening. l Glaucoma test. l Blood pressure annually.

l Cholesterol. l Diabetes. l Osteoporosis (bone density test). l Tuberculosis. l Colorectal cancer after age 50 annually. l Breast cancer. Mammogram every two years after age 40. l Cervical cancer. Pap test every three years. l Prostate cancer. Test annually after age 50. l Oral cancer.


l Measles-mumps-rubella if you’ve never had it, or never had measles, mumps, and rubella, you should receive at least one dose of this vaccine if: you are a woman able to become pregnant and/or were born after 1956. l Tetanus-diphtheria every ten years. l Flu shots annually over 50 or if: you have lung, heart or kidney disease, diabetes or cancer; are a health-care worker; are infected with HIV or have AIDS. l Pneumonia shot once around age 65 or if you have lung, heart or kidney disease; HIV; diabetes or cancer.

l Hepatitis B shots if you have had sex with more than one partner or with someone infected with hepatitis B; have had any other sexually transmitted disease within the last six months; have injected street drugs; have a job that involves contact with human blood or blood products; travel to areas where hepatitis B is common.